What’s Your Leadership Legacy?

What can you learn from the life of a young Middle Eastern leader, lost to us at such a young age?

ceosjourney-portraitMuch more than you might think. How to change the world for instance.

‘Rami Makhzoumi epitomised the hopes and achievements of a generation of young entrepreneurs building a new Middle East,’ says Dr Nasser Saidi, formerly Chief Economist at the Dubai International Financial Centre.

The CEO’s Journey charts Rami Makhzoumi’s life – from his birth in Saudi Arabia till he received the Masterclass CEO of the Year award in Dubai in April 2011. He died that same week aged just 33.

Don’t be fooled because this book is a biography. In fact this book is about you.

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Is the Next Generation Ready for Your Business?
And is Your Business Ready for the Next Generation?

succession-happy-hb005-350How will the business you’ve built up survive and thrive in the future? In the hands of the next generation?

Is your business ready for that transition?

And is the next generation ready to take over?

In The Succession Manifesto (coming in 2014) we sketch out the challenges facing everyone in the succession project.

And we give you a plan for handling the transition.

To find out more about the succession project and when The Succession Manifesto will be available to the public, book your free consultation with us today.

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How can you inspire your people to higher levels of performance, productivity and profitability?

Well, don’t ask ‘What do I have to do to become an inspirational leader?’ That’s the wrong question.

It’s better to ask instead: ‘What do I have to stop doing?’

You can achieve more by doing less.

With a simple message and an innovative twist on traditional leadership books, bestselling authors Jacqueline Moore and Steven Sonsino offer practical help for managers.

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If you need to inspire fast-moving change in your organisation then Leadership Unplugged is the strategy manual you need.

Kay Grenz, VP of Human Resources for 3M, says in her review, ‘In Leadership Unplugged, Jacqueline Moore and Steven Sonsino have defined an innovative way of leading that is breathtakingly simple. From their detailed knowledge of the way communication works at every level – between people and organisations – they have analysed for us and defined ways of communicating that executives around the world can benefit from.’

Leadership Unplugged for the Chinese marketDo you need to inspire change across the organisation and around the world? We’ve published an edition of Leadership Unplugged in Chinese because we think the world is changing. Are you?

Wherever you are in the world, you need to unplug – tackle the real-world conversations that matter.

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Can you pick one industry that will affect every other organisation in the world? I believe that we’re seeing the end of Facility Management as we know it.


Well, when technology is changing as fast as it is, technology isn’t a gamechanger any more.

When global trade barriers are down and everyone knows where the world’s emerging markets are, then where you’re based isn’t a gamechanger any more.

Wherever you are in the world and however you serve the FM community, the only gamechanger in town is your leadership.

In other words, you are the gamechanger.

But it’s not a game.

It’s time to think bigger.

How much change are you prepared to embrace?

Join the movement.

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