Rami Makhzoumi – the world loses a great man and a great leader

Originally posted: 24 April 2011

I’m devastated by the news that my former student and great friend Rami Makhzoumi, the CEO of Future Pipe, passed away yesterday at the age of just 33. He was an inspiration to everyone he encountered.

Just 2 days ago he received the award for ‘Masterclass CEO of the Year’ at the Middle East Business Leaders Summit and Awards in Dubai…

He leaves a wife, Chiara, and three children, May, Yasmeena and Nour Makhzoumi. He leaves a father, Fouad, and mother, May. Our thoughts are with them, the rest of the family and the people and friends in and around his many companies and businesses.

rami inusRami and I were finalising arrangements that would have made him Chairman of the Tomorrow Leaders Institute. He would have been a wonderful ambassador and an inspiration to the leaders of the future. It is a great loss. But we will go on. In his honour. It is the least I can do.

Please visit RamiMakhzoumi.com

Please click here to visit the family website at RamiMakhzoumi.com if you wish to post any memories you have of this wonderful man.

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Rami’s Daughter (May) [edit]
I really miss my father !!!! I have to be brave to live with this life.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi May and you’re right… we all have to be brave. And I ask myself what would your father have said? And he would say that too. That doesn’t make it any easier, I know. But perhaps it makes it more bearable.
    niveen el-saleh [edit]
    Hi May,
    I had the honour to be your dad’s chiropractor and he would always talk about you and your sisters. He loves you very much, and I know deep down in my heart your dad would want you to be happy, brave and filled with courage. I know you are a strong girl, and god will always be next to you to help you find the strength when you need it.
    If you ever need anything, May, pls let me know how I can help.

Rami’s Daughter (May) [edit]
Dear Steven,
I have been trying to get rid of the boy that said the day my dad died this! (this is what he said) I don’t care about u and ur family and I was so sad so now I am looking after my sisters as hard as I can.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    May, I’m sorry to hear this – some people hurt us for no reason we can understand. but I know you have the strength to ignore this. All of the words and feelings you’ve shared with us show me how strong you are. And I know you will be a great sister to your sisters.

    You will remember that you have other family who love you, won’t you. Trust them and ask them for help when you need it. You are not alone in this world, May.
    Take care now and bless you.

    Ramsey Makhzoumi [edit]
    Hello May, it’s your cousin. I read your post. The part that you said, “I am looking after my sisters.” Don’t worry, as a growing man who is now a teenager I will take care of all of you. If you need anything I am here, I will always protect your family. What ever happens. You might not live in my country, but I will fly to Lebanon for you guys.

Hi Steve, I’m Chiara’s mother, wife of Rami, a man, a wonderful husband and father. I know him from one year… just one year, but
it is like losing a child.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dear Cristina, I’m so sorry for your loss. And for Chiara’s. Rami told me so much about his feelings for your daughter. I am only pleased he found such happiness, if only for a time. I pray that he lives on with Chiara and through the children.
    Until, perhaps, we can meet… ciao, Cristina. And bless you.

amanda green [edit]
I used to work for Mr. Rami at the US plant in Mississippi and we were lucky to meet him when he came for a visit. He was a very genuine and caring person and was so intelligent. I will keep the family in my thoughts and prayers. He will be missed dearly.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Amanda
    It never ceases to amaze me how many people have been affected by Rami’s passing, and from all over the world. Thank you for joining the conversation today. And thank you for your wishes and prayers.

Russell Davison [edit]
I find it amazing to think that Rami was born during my second year at University. He was born to two wonderful people; Fouad and May Makhzoumi. His parents provided limitless opportunities and created no boundaries for Rami during his childhood. Rami’s father instilled an innate desire within him to succeed and fulfil his dreams. Rami’s father, Fouad Makhzoumi, taught him to respect other people and to admire others. Fouad Makhzoumi defined the ‘family’ as not solely the immediate, but also the ‘greater’ family, which encompassed all who were close to the family as well. Rami is sadly missed.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Russell and thanks for your comments. You’re right about Fouad’s and May’s influence – you could see it and hear it in Rami all the time, couldn’t you? And your observation about how young Rami was is a clarion call to all of us isn’t it.
    There’s a line from a poem called ‘The Shropshire Lad’ that I always remember when I think of Rami, do you know it?
    Some seed the birds devour,
    And some the season mars,
    But here and there will flower,
    The solitary stars

Tarek Itani [edit]
Hi May, I know you when you was a baby now you are a young girl, god bless you. Really your dad he is a great man like your grandfather. Don’t be sad your father he is in the heaven now believe me, because your dad he is trust in god and he loves the people and he was help them and he is respect them. Sometimes if he want something from some body he says please or habibi. For that your father he’s a great man, so please make good things for him in this life, and he will be happy where he is now. Take care about your sisters. (My child he’s named Rami. I give him this name because I loved your dad.) u r not alone in this world. You have the greatest family… Mr Fouad, Madam May, Tamara and Camellia, god protect them all. Always remember, god is with you wherever you go and he’s protecting you.

ava sands [edit]
Hi May, I am Skypeing you at the moment and I can`t wait till you come to London. It is so sad about what happened about your father. Be brave. Lots of love, Ava xxx

Hassan Halawy [edit]
Rami was a great gentlemen who will be missed, our deepest sympathy for his family.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Hassan and you’re right on both counts. Thank you for your comment.
    Can you say more about how you know or remember him? I’d appreciate any story you can give us.
    Thank you again for your words. I will forward your message to the Makhzoumi family.
    Best wishes,

It was in 2006, I met Mr. Rami closely during the inauguration of FPI USA. I was in so much in pain due to an accident which broke my hands, but his kind words gave me a lot of relief. We are in great loss but we can only pray for his soul safe in God”s hands. My hearty condolences to the whole family. May God bless his soul.
Joy George from Mumbai, India. (Retired FPI Employee)

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Joy thank you for sharing your story today and thank you for your wishes and prayers.

SHAFEEQ [edit]
Just one word not enough to speak about Mr Rami.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Shafeeq, thank you for your comment. It’s hard to believe this news isn’t it? Thank you for making the time to comment.

Ali [edit]
Hi, I am one of his employees in Abu Dhabi. It was a shocking news. We would really miss him. He was a decent person. GOD BLESS HIM.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Ali and I am sorry for all his friends, family and people. Everyone I met extended the warmest welcome. Your loss is great. Thank you for your comment.

Syed Salman [edit]
It’s shocking news……I worked in FPI for 3 years. Mr Rami was an inspiring CEO. Even at the start of financial crisis when companies were laying off their employees, Mr. Rami showed confidence in his employees. I remember he said “Everyone in this company is a salesman”. He was a man of great vision. May Allah rest his soul in peace Ameen.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Syed, thank you for your comment. It seems he reached us all, didn’t he? Thank you for making the time to respond.

walid fouda [edit]
We have lost all, but the whole world has lost a great man and will not be compensated. But this is the will of God and we pray to God for mercy and forgiveness and eternal peace and grant his family patience and solace.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Walid, I thank you for your blessing. I feel his loss, too, but you’re right. His family need our love now.

…2004 was the year I joined this group… today when I look back, it’s way up, a storm came up & that was what I encountered when a young professional took up the challenging role of being the PRESIDENT & CEO of the company. The very ”BIRTH” of FPI is the sole reason as the company’s huge growth & outstanding performance in the last few years. He was a true man of vision, class & commitment”… the damage is irrepairable.
I never had a chance to meet him or speak to him, but his presence would do the talking… He will be always remembered… my deepest condolences to the bereaved family…

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    John, thank you for your wonderful comments. Mr Fouad Makhzoumi takes much credit, doesn’t he, not only for creating the Future Pipe company, but also for bringing us, with his wife May Makhzoumi, the wonderful man we have known and will miss.
    Thank you for making the time to join our celebration of Rami Makhzoumi.

Sumit [edit]
In this era you find some good leaders, Rami was one of them. But, you don’t see good human beings much. Rami was one such good human being. He is my inspiration and one of the very few who I adore and respect from the bottom of my heart. I will miss him and my heart goes out to his family and friends who will all miss him all through our lives.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Sumit, thank you for your heartfelt comment. I know what you mean about a ‘good’ human being. Thank you for taking the time to respond today.

imran [edit]
I hardly came out of grief and shock of my mom’s death three weeks back, that suddenly the news of Mr. Rami’s demise came in.
I don’t have any words to express my feelings as I feel myself all alone in this world now.
But the prayers of my Mom and teachings of my leader, mentor Mr. Rami Makhzoumi, will be with me forever. And am sure these will definitely help me a lot.
May God rest them in peace in Heavens (Amen)

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Imran, please accept my condolences on the passing of your mother. That is a great loss to bear. My mother passed just a few months ago and I have a sense of what you may be feeling. And like you – and with the many who respond across the world to this news – I feel Rami’s loss.
    But please consider yourself one of a huge group of people who share your feelings. Together we will come through this. And – as you say – with the prayers and teachings we carry with us, we are not alone.
    Thank you for sharing your cares with us.

rita [edit]
I’ve never met a boss like Mr. Rami and his family they treated us well. His feet are always on the ground, he never felt us that he’s a boss. We made mistakes, but only words you can hear is “no problem” with a smile. He was a man with everything, but he is so approachable a person. There’s so much positive attitude that we can always remembered Him. And all of his family they’re great persons we’ve ever met in our lives.
We will treasure you sir in our life and continue what we learnt from you. Thank you, Mr. Rami.
May you rest in peace with our Creator.
And thank you Mr. Steven for letting us to give a chance to share our last salute for Mr. Rami. Allah Bless you.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Rita, thank you for your insights into how Rami seemed to you. I agree – his feet were always on the ground, but he was never frightened of raising his head to the sky, either.
    Thank you also for your kind words – this space here is the very least I can offer to the memory of my friend.

krishna [edit]
I’m very very sad. I can’t say anythings. Just I’m praying for his soul rest in peace in heaven.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Krishna and thank you for making the time to comment today. We all are thinking of Rami and his family today of all days. Bless you.

Samer Akram [edit]
I cannot believe the news of Rami’s death.
I remember him too vividly, full of life and love.
As life does, it sends you everywhere and the absence of friends and family plays it’s part, but some people can obscure that absence with ease, and make encounters feel like it was just yesterday.
Yesterday was a teenager named Rami, and all our mates together hanging out on Marloes Road……
RIP – taken too young but never forgotten

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Samer, thank you so much for this reminder of Rami the teenager and the life he lived. Never forgotten is absolutely right!

mila arconada [edit]
We missed u already SIR I been working for Mr. Rami in 4 years with his kids. Never I know a person like him, very down to earth, good hearted man, a very kind person. He’s ready to help all people we’re so very grateful to have a boss like him. He is a very simple man and humble – thank u very much SIR for all ur kindness and treat us like a family. You’re more than our family. Your kids is our remembrance from u. We will take care of them in return your kindness to us. We will love them forever and we are ready to serve them anytime for all their needs. ALLAH always be with you – we never forget u and we love you forever.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Mila, thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. I am sure Rami’s children will have need of all their family and friends in the weeks and years ahead. Thank you for making the time to speak with us today.

Joudie Kalla [edit]
I have known Rami for YEARS and although we were not as close as others, i always remembered his laugh and sweet sweet face. I was just talking about him today with my friend and all we had were good fun and lovely thoughts about him. I am so sad and shocked about what has happened to him that i simply cannot believe it. What a loss for a life that has not even begun for a person who simply seemed to love life more than anyone. I hope he did not suffer and and i hope that he is safe. Allah yirhamak.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Thank you, Joudie, for your comment and your blessings. Yes, he does have a sweet face, I know what you mean. Quite childlike at times. A sad day.

Tarek Hosary [edit]
Allah yirhamak ya Rami

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Thank you Tarek. Your wishes are appreciated.

Guilhem [edit]
Salam, I was proud to be the chef cook to Mr. Rami and his nice family.
So sad for us to have lost a humble and great human.
Allah should be happy to have Sidi Rami for all time.
Thanks for everything Sidi.
I’ll never forget your heart.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Salam, Guilhem, and thank you for your wishes.

Bilal Mattar [edit]
Rami was a great man, and I will always remember him from his days in London.
You will be greatly missed by everyone xx

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Bilal – like you I met him first when he was in London and remember a modest and humble young man. What a force he grew into!
    Thank you for joining our celebration here.

Barry Madani [edit]
Rami was a large part of growing up in London to the many of us who knew him. He was a delightful guy to be around and had a heart of pure gold. I will never forget the many times we spent together having fun and being young. It saddens me greatly to know that he is no longer with us, but I find comfort in knowing that he is looking down upon us from a better place. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this terrible time….. May he rest in peace.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    It’s great to hear these stories from Rami’s youth. Thanks for posting, Barry.

Fadi Nabhan [edit]
When my Dad passed away 3 years back, I read a quote by David Harkins that I would like to share with Rami’s parents, family and friends (God Bless His Soul):
“You can shed tears that he is gone, or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that he’ll come back, or you can open your eyes and see all he’s left.
Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him, or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember him only that he is gone, or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back. Or you can do what he’d want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.”

Steven Sonsino [edit]
This is a lovely quote, Fadi, thank you. And I’m sure that, very soon, it will come to have great meaning to Rami’s family and friends. And may I add my condolences on the passing of your father. These are trying times for us all.
Thank you for sharing your time with us today.

bahia Kawas [edit]
Rami was a great man who will be missed.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Bahia, you are right. He lives in our memory.

Ramsey Makhzoumi [edit]
Hi, I am Rami Makhzoumi’s nephie. I am young but old enough to understand. I was there at his funeral, holding his coffin and praying to him. I was there through it all. I learned that even tho I may be a kid, I can do a lot for the ones I love. As I did that funeral, I noticed I can never be afraid of anything else. Death is not something to fear. I think Rami learned that. Death is nothing to life. It’s just a new world. I think Rami belongs there in a better place with God. RIP I love you Umo Rami.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dear Ramsey, I am honoured that you wrote today. Pleased that you were able to spend Rami’s last day on earth with him.
    I do not know how old you are in physical years, but your human age is far beyond that. Your insights on life and death are insights that I still struggle with.
    One day I hope we may meet and, if you will hear it, I’ll tell you the story of how Rami stepped into his responsibility too. And I hope you will tell me your story.
    Live well and – as you said – do a lot for the ones you love.
    Warm regards
    Steven Sonsino

Dr.Niveen El-saleh [edit]
I am deeply sorrowed and hugely affected by his death. Mr. Rami shared a quite a few intimate moments in his life, his passions, his love for his daughters, and most of all for the continuous search to find the love that bound his mother and father. I am glad he found true love again before his death as this was what his soul was truly searching for.
I will always remember his kind demeanour with everyone at the clinic, his continuous belief in the power of chiropractic, his humility and his endless talk of his strong faith with god. I have treated a lot of patients over the years and they all hold a very special place in my heart… but I can say Mr. Rami tops them all. He is someone that has inspired me to be a better person and very rarely do you encounter men with such integrity, respect and honour! I pray his soul is dancing in the winds of heaven and watching down upon us … amen!

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dr Niveen, I love this image of Rami’s soul dancing in the winds of heaven.
    Thank you for sharing these moments with us.

Abir El Lahham [edit]
Although I have not met Mr. Rami Makhzoumi in person but I’ve heard of his great accomplishments and was shocked to hear this sad news. My heart goes out to his family and the people who love him.
May his soul rest in peace.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Our gratitude to you Abir for sharing your comments and prayers here. Thank you. It is proof, if proof were needed, that the man touches even those who do not know him directly.
    Again thank you.

Valeria [edit]
You were and you always will be the magic husband of my cousin, Chiara.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Valeria and thank you for your comment – I think ‘magic’ is a great word to describe Rami. I may borrow that word.
    Thanks for writing.

Fadi [edit]
I worked with Mr. Rami for the past 4 years at the corporate legal department. I can’t find the correct words to describe his character. He was a great CEO, a gentleman, generous. We will miss u Rami. May your soul rest in peace.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Fadi, thank you for your words and wishes. It is difficult isn’t it to describe Rami. The right words probably don’t exist.

Dean Miah [edit]
I knew Rami when he was a student at the University of Buckingham, and since than we did some business when he first started working. It is a big loss as he had a wonderful personality. Condolence to his family.
Dean M. Junayed Miah

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dean, you’re right he did have a wonderful personality, though he was always modest and unassuming.
    Thank you for writing today.

Mohamad Attar [edit]
Hi, I just want to say may his soul rest in peace. My dad is working with Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi since 22 years in Beirut and i really feel sad for this big loss but we will always remember Rami in our prayers .

Steven Sonsino [edit]
Thank you, Mohamad, for your wishes and prayers.

Nisar Ahamed Tonse [edit]
What a tragic and unexpected loss. I am still in disbelief. I don’t think the reality has hit me just yet. May Allah rest his soul in peace Ameen.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Nisar, it is a shock isn’t it. So young.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your wishes and prayers.

Sreekumar M [edit]
This news was really shocking and I could not believe it. I had worked for Future Pipe Industries from 2005 to 2009 and got few opportunities to meet him. He was an inspiring leader and will be always remembered. May his soul rest in peace.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Sreekumar, you’re right – he was inspiring – and still is – and he WILL always be remembered. These comments from his friends, colleagues and family are a testament to that.
    Thank you for commenting today.

Malik Alamgir [edit]
A very nice friend and a good businessman, may Allah bless his soul…

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Malik, you’re certainly right about that – on both counts.
    And thank you for your wishes and prayers today.

Jayakrishnan.G [edit]
My heartfelt condolences….May his soul rest in peace….

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Jayakrishnan, thank you for your comment and prayers today.

omar abou ibrahim [edit]
The last time I spoke to Rami, he sounded energized, joyful and thoughtful with new ideas and future plans. Talking to Rami felt like filling your heart and soul with a boost of ambition, optimism, determination and inspiration. It is certainly a devastating loss for his family and loved ones, but also everyone who knew Rami felt the sad loss of a great man and an exceptional leader. We’ll always remember him as a man of integrity, generosity, humbleness and supreme values.
Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends and may his soul rest in peace.
Omar Abou Ibrahim

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Omar, your love for Rami shines through your words. I particularly liked your insight and the way you described speaking with Rami – that you yourself are filled with a boost of ambition and optimism. That’s great. And it is what we’ll miss.
    Thank you Omar for sharing your thoughts and prayers today. I’m sure others will be touched and boosted in turn by your words.

payseykwa [edit]
I’m not affiliated with Mr Rami at all. I just got the news because FPI is our current vendor and I got intrigued because I was told that the CEO of FPI passed away very young and he just recently received an award of CEO of the year. I checked the picture of Mr Rami and yes indeed, he was young and from these messages I have read from different people, they were consistent and that is…… He has a good heart. Rest in peace Mr Rami.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit today – and thank you for your comments. I wish it were not so, but your information is correct. And – yes, you’re right – everyone I’ve met, in the nine years I knew him, also reaches this conclusion. Rami has a good heart.

Dunia Maassarany [edit]
No words can describe a great leader, a grand visionary, a creative thinker, a humble human being who touched the life of many and inspired many others…
I don’t know what to say, as I am – and many others – in utter shock and devastation, it’s getting worse every single day!
I have worked for FPI for almost 4 years now, all i can remember is Mr. Rami’s wisdom, enthusiasm, faith, love, smile, and words…
Did he live wisely? Yes he did. Did he loved well? Yes, he did. Did he serve greatly? Yes, he did – and these are the most important considerations.
God bless your soul in heaven and your family on earth! Rest In Peace ya Rami!

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dunia, I sense your loss in every word. But I also know you carry Rami with you – as everyone does who believed in him. Remember him as you do and make that difference in your own life He will be pleased.
    Thank you for sharing your feelings and wishes today.

Afif (AJ) Jawad [edit]
I have not had the honor and chance to meet and know Rami personally before his passing but have know his parents very well over the past few years. I am really lost for words and feel with Fouad and May and Rami’s family on this tragedy. I can’t imagine what they are going through now. My family has read the “fatihah” on his soul and wishes him to rest in peace. I am certain that Rami will always be remembered always as great man who loved and respected people and his environment very much like what I know Fouad and May do on a daily basis.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    AJ, you are right that Fouad and May deserve our thoughts and care. Bravely though they face the future, it is a future without their son on this earth. Fouad has said that his son is in a better place and I hope this brings peace.
    Thank you for your wishes and prayers.

Yasir Haider [edit]
As soon as I heard the news, I wished that it could be one of my worst dreams that I have ever seen!
Though I have only worked for FPI for almost 2 and half years I cannot ever forget Mr. Rami’s vision, confidence & faith towards his team and true leadership. He always used to say in his speeches that ‘You are my FAMILY.’
It’s really very very sad & painful news which cannot be expressed in words!

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    You’re right Yasir it does seem like a bad dream. When I first heard the news, by email, I feared it was a dreadful error. But the truth is it’s here.
    I know Rami’s amazing belief in his wider family will mean we will all get through this.
    Thank you for sharing our celebration here of Rami’s vision and life.

I’m working GEI Dubai since last 16 years. When I listened this news I got a big shock. It was unbelievable news really. We lost a very very honourable person. May GOD give peace to his soul.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Thank you, Aamir. All you who knew Rami for the longest time must miss him the most. I honour your loss.
    Rami, of course, wants us all to go on and to live our lives as he would. With optimism and positive thoughts. It’s hard, but we will do it.
    Thank you for writing today and for your prayers.

Hasan AL Kawas [edit]
Life is short … it was big shock for me.
My heart broke when I heard of the death of the young man.
Really he was a great man, god bless his soul.
We love you Rami. We will miss you.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hasan life IS short. But there is no telling what we may achieve in that time. If we want proof we must simply reflect on the life of Rami Makhzoumi and what he achieved in just 33 years.
    Thank you for your comments and prayers.

May Makhzoumi [edit]
What can I say… Words can not describe my grief, but reading all the messages posted, receiving touching emails, taking calls of family and friends who are devastated as much as we are by Rami’s loss.
His father says: Rami was my son, my friend and my soul mate. He was our mentor who only saw the good nature of human beings and he dealt with people accordingly. He had a vision and forward-looking strategy to build a better and a more efficient world.
Almighty God has blessed us by keeping Rami with us for 33 years where he achieved all what he has planned to do which more than the majority of people can achieve in a lifetime. God Almighty has decided to take him to his side on 23 April 2011. Rami was an Angel and he is in a better place looking at us. May God bless his soul and let’s all pray for him.
Rami has left us a lot of memories to live by. He will be living with us through his achievements, through his friends and most of all through his lovely daughters who will grow to know what a great man their father was.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    May, thank you for opening your heart with us today. We have been privileged to share in the life of your son. But none of us has known him as long or loved him as deeply as you and Fouad, his mother and father. We honour you when we honour Rami. I hope to see you in person very soon when I may my respects in person. But in the meantime please relay our love and devotion to your family and especially to Rami’s children.

Rona Serhan [edit]
I am numb with the shock that comes when such a young brilliant man leaves us before his time. Rami’s time was all too brief, but he had a privileged life filled with great achievements and success, complemented with 3 beautiful girls, a wife he loved so much, and amazing parents.
I have been fortunate to be Rami’s personal assistant for the past three years. Rami taught me new ways to dream; he was a great listener because he believed that great leaders should always listen to their people.
I will never forget you Rami, you are in my walking thoughts, my sweetest memories, and my dearest dreams. I will carry you with me forever.
May God rest your soul in peace

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dearest Rona, you worked with Rami so closely and I know you miss him and will continue to miss him dearly. When the time comes, we will look back on a short life lived to the full and for this we must be thankful. It only remains for those who knew him best to carry forward his spirit and his humanity.
    Thank you for joining our celebration of Rami and his life. And bless you, Rona.

rima fakhoury [edit]
I met Rami for around 15 mins but I believe that he was a great man. He was in pain but so calm, I will never forget his smile that was mixed with so many questions about his condition as if he was aware about what will happen…
Rest in peace Rami,

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    I’m touched, Rima, by your comments and connection with Rami, even for a short time. Thank you for joining us today to celebrate his life.

Serena [edit]
On several occasions I have tried to find the right words to share on this wall and struggled. I’ve started to type and deleted so many times. I’m beyond heartbroken by this news. The feeling of sadness comes in waves like an aggressive ocean, that draws near and clears away again.
Rami was a force of nature. It’s as simple as that.
Leader of the pack, from the youngest of age, not only in his business. He was not text book what so ever, and that’s why people loved him so much, he was real. My childhood sweetheart, who I will and could never forget. He was one of the first people to contact me when my father died, and his words of kindness will always remain with me.
I’m so happy that he found love, and has 3 lovely girls, as a family is all he ever really wanted and I can only hope that they will grow up hearing how incredibly kind and funny their father was, and know the positive effect he had on people. He was a magnet like that, people loved to be around him.
The only solace I can get from all of this is that he is in the same place as my father. There is something comforting in that, that they are not alone. They are with others that we have loved and lost.
To Umoo Fouad, May, Camelia & Tamara, I’m so sorry. Please know that my heart reaches out to you all. Maybe in time when your wounds have healed a little, and you’re in London I can come and visit you to pay my condolences.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Serena, thank you for taking courage and posting your memories and condolences. We are enlarged by your comments. Thank you.

muhammad asif [edit]
He is like a rose flower giving to every one a good smile.
I cannot forget his love and kindness.
Not only SIR RAMI, ALL the family. V V V nice.
I never forget his face.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Muhammad, you are right he has a warm smile. And we will never forget his face.
    Thank you for your memories.

Joseph Ghannoum [edit]
The wave of shock that struck me on hearing about a bright young man leaving us at such an early age was beyond description. As much as the great leader and business man that he was, he was a wonderful human being. The imprints that he left on many with the shade of compassion and kindness that he gave is deep. In the brief period he has been with us, his achievements were immense and his success inspirational. Being the son of a great man, Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi and living by his teachings Mr. Rami Makhzoumi had grown into a man with much depth to his thoughts and actions. My heart goes out to his grieving 3 beautiful children, his loving wife and his wonderful parents.
The 23 years that I have spent with the FPI Group I had grown very close to Mr. Rami personally and developed much affection and respect for the great man. The brilliance of his thought and the intensity in his views has always left remarkable impression on me. Though it would take a long time for all of us to uplift ourselves from the grief of loss that we have fallen into; I pray for the strength to lead by his example and fulfillment of all his expectations from us.
God has taken him to be in a better place and he is watching over us.
He will live in us through the memories that he left and give us the strength to strive for the best through his vision for the FPI Group and all his employees.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Joseph and you’re right – Rami was intense and compassionate and our loss is great. But you are also right that will live through us not just in memory, but also in the actions we take in his memory, guided by the thought ‘What would Rami say or do?’
    Thank you for sharing your respect today.

Dale Bracegirdle [edit]
I met Rami at the Emerging Leaders Programme at London Business School. I was the Programme Manager for London Business School and was blessed to meet many future leaders. Rami stood out for a number of reasons. He was values driven and had a presence that you can’t explain, but know when you meet a world leader. He was also one of the few people I met on the programme who was in a family business. He had an inquisitive mind and really wanted to learn and stretch himself. For this reason he was a wealth of knowledge who had an opinion, but you never felt like your opinion wasn’t important in the conversation. He also was the most generous person I met throughout my time working on the programme. I remember a lovely meal he hosted for the entire course at the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane. Rami is unforgettable and we have lost a true leader who has touched the lives of many people.
Dale Bracegirdle
Melbourne Business School

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dale, it’s great to hear from you – thank you for sharing your recollections. I remember that evening extremely well and am pleased someone else does too!

Omran alghazali [edit]
I am Rami’s hairdresser 4 all his life. See him 2 times a week. Every time I saw him I have a deep feeling from my heart that this time is not 4 this man. Very kind. Very polite. Like every one, big believer with God. Always thanks him. And what I think, God take his soul to be near him. He left deep pain in my heart every time I remember him. He will always live with us. White hand white heart.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Omran, thank you for your words here. Your thoughts mean a lot to us. From the closest family to the closest colleagues, everyone can see the reach of this great man, Rami Makhzoumi. And you’re right, as long as we remember him and the works he achieved, he will always be with us. Thank you for your prayers.

Kashif Gulzar [edit]
Hello, I am currently working in FPI, Dubai.
It was unbelievable for me… I still feel someone will come and say this news was wrong, it was a rumor……
Mr. Rami was a great leader and very kind person. Every time he passes from the corridor he used to greet every one with a very nice smile on his face.
My Father worked in FPI/GEI for 35 years, he tells me about him because he knows Mr. Rami from his childhood. My father was working in GEI/FPI when Mr. Rami born.
When my father left from FPI/GEI, Mr Rami said to my father FPI is your home and you are our family member. These words make me proud to be a family member of such a great leader.
His loss can not be recovered, MAY ALLAH BLESS HIS SOUL AND REST IN PEACE. He is always in prayers of me and my family.
Hearty condolence from me and family to whole of his family.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dear Kashif, thank you for your memories. And I know what you mean about how unbelievable it was. I thought the email I received was at first a terrible practical joke or even spam. But, like you, I quickly realised it was the tragic truth.
    Thank you for your prayers today and the prayers of your family.

Anas Housari [edit]
Most important thing we could say in the meantime is to pray for his soul… May his soul rest in peace…
My condolences for his family, wife, and children.
RIP Rami Makhzoumi…

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Thank you, Anas, for your condolences and prayers.

Sana Muhammad [edit]
Sana Muhammad GEI-Finance Dubai…
Hearty condolence for the Makhzoumi Family.
There is nothing more real than what cannot be seen…
There is nothing more certain than what cannot be heard…
Death is the hidden reality of our lives…
& certainly life is a testimony for all of us…
We can’t escape death and neither can we hide…
All we can do is to raise our hands and “PRAY”
Pray as we will want others to pray for us when our time comes.
Mr. Rami has completed his testimony in high ranking…
For what I encountered of him… is just a slight glance and what I heard and experienced is reflected in the condolences & the prayers above…
A BELIEVER, he was kind, humble, charitable and much more…

Quran says:
“He who spends his wealth for increase in self-purification,”
“And have in his mind no favour from anyone for which a reward is expected in return,”
“Except only the desire to seek the Countenance of his Lord, the Most High;”
“He surely will be pleased (when he will enter Paradise).”
Personally I feel and I pray to Allah Subhana Wa Tallah that despite of our belief that Mr. Rami will be in heaven… Ya Allah have mercy on him… Ya Allah bless him from his good deeds, Ya Allah bless him from his parents prayers; Ya Allah bless him from our prayers and mostly Ya Allah reward him from all the pilgrimage “Hajj” that were done from his / family’s wealth, Ya Allah bless him from all the charity (Sadqah) done by him. Ameen
“Inna lil-Lahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon – truly, we belong to Allah, and truly unto him is the return!”
Although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear,
Just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer.
Sana Muhammad

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dear Sana, thank you for this deep contribution here. Bless you for your prayers and condolences. I am sure the family are warmed by these celebrations of Rami’s life and character.

    Dr.Niveen El-saleh [edit]
    Dear Sana,
    Your comment was very moving. May you please provide the sura from which you have quoted in your comment, thank you.

    Sana Muhammed [edit]
    Dear Dr. Niveen,
    Thanks and yes as you requested,
    It is Surah-Al-Lail (The Night) verse 18-21

Ellie [edit]
I have worked with Mr. Rami and the Makhzoumi family for the past 10 months and I can honestly say I have never seen such amazing people in my life. Mr. Rami was one of the kindest, sweetest and most humble people I’ve ever met. I will never forget his special laughter, his sweet smile and his warmth and I’m glad that what I remember the most is his laughter.
He made it his personal goal to help everyone he encountered. It is just amazing to leave the world with more than hundreds of thousands of people praying for you… and he sure deserves all those prayers and all those tears.
He was an amazing man… May his soul rest in peace…

    steven Sonsino [edit]
    Ellie, thank you for your memories. He was always calm and collected – happy, even through the most difficult times. ‘no problem,’ he would say. And he meant it. You’re right. He was amazing. And the dozens of comments here and the many readers of this page are a small testament to that.
    Take care and I’ll see you soon.
    All best wishes

Hamel-Raison [edit]
I met Rami when I was in charge of the audio visual promotionnal production of his yacht “BIG MAK”. Great memories, I was impress about his kindness. This collaboration has changed my business thinking. I’m shocked.Life is not fair… god/allah bless his family and friends. I will pray for you.
Wilfried Hamel Raison
CEO Luxury Vision Production/ France

Steven Sonsino [edit]
Dear Wilfred, you’re right – collaborating with Rami changes your business thinking. (Normally I am a teacher, but with Rami I became the student.) I know Rami got much pleasure from conducting business and relaxing with family and friends aboard Big Mak. And I know your project was important to him.
Thank you for joining this celebration of Rami’s life.

Arvind Devalia ~ Make It Happen [edit]
Steven, I had not heard of Rami until this morning when you told me of his passing.
He was clearly a wonderful human being – and the world is a lesser place because of his passing. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
As you said, you must continue with your work. Blessings and good wishes for creating a worthy legacy for Rami.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Dear Arvind, thank you for your comments. I will relay them to the family and friends. It’s wonderful connecting with you because you are always so positive, but I suppose with a blog called ‘Make It Happen’ I shouldn’t be surprised. I am flying to Dubai and plan to offer my condolences in person next week. I will be back late next week and we can carry on the conversations then.

    Arvind Devalia [edit]
    Steven, I wish you well on your journey to Dubai – and let’s all continue all the good work we can in the world, in memory of those before us, and those who were taken away well before their prime.
    We all owe it to the world to be the best we can.

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Right on, Arvind… or should that be ‘write on’… ?

    Arvind Devalia ~ Make It Happen [edit]
    Indeed Steven, write on!

Carmen Vicente
I have known Rami since I began working with the company 20 years ago. We had an instant connection as he walked in on my interview with his father! His cheerful face broke the ice and beamed kindness through a very nervous interview! We grew up together in the Makhzoumi ‘way of life’ and we shared many stories, secrets and good times which I will always treasure. There are so many great stories I could tell, he had a certain joie de vivre which was second to none.
I have been Mr Fouad Makhzoumi’s and Rami’s PA in the UK for many years now and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. The whole family have been there for me in good times and in bad, that’s just the way they are.
I could sit here for hours and write about Rami and it still wouldn’t be enough. He was an honest and decent young man through and through. He’s certainly left a legacy behind. I have sat here for days contemplating what to say as one can never find the right words. But at the end of the day it’s what you feel in your heart and I’m absolutely devastated by the hole that Rami has left in all of our lives. I still can’t make sense of what has happened and why he has been taken from us so soon.
He used to joke that I was his big sister. Well Rami, your ‘big sister’ misses you so much and I’m just glad that you have been a part of my life. You truly are an angel looking down on us with your sweet, infectious smile.
His 3 beautiful girls, lovely wife and great parents and sisters are all so brave and my thoughts and prayers go out to you all.
Carmen x

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Carmen, thanks for sending this to me… sorry it didn’t work directly for you – glitches at our end!
    Sometimes I wonder if some people are too good to be true. When you work with them for a whilem though, you see different behaviour because they can’t keep it up. Rami could and did. There was no other Rami. He was authentic and had the highest integrity.
    Thanks for sending your thoughts and prayers today.

Bassel Zein [edit]
Rami was a remarkable man by all means, but above all he was a great friend. I was one of the lucky few who didn’t have any business involved with Rami. He enriched my life with his thoughts. I hope that your grave will be a glorious piece of heaven, just as your generous soul deserves, until we meet again soon inchalla ….

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    Hi Bassel and thanks for your comments and wishes. You’re right, Rami did enrich the lives of all everyone he came into contact with – and he still does.
    Thank you for joining this celebration.

Rami’s Daughter (May) [edit]
My father was the greatest man in my life! And the minute I heard he past away I cried like u dip’ed your face in a pool because he was the one that raised me!

    Steven Sonsino [edit]
    May, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It must have been a very sad time for the three of you. But I know your grandfather Fouad says Rami is in a better place now and I believe him.
    And I also know that all of your family is doing everything they can to look after you and your sisters. I know this because they are doing everything they can to treasure the things your father treasured. And above all that means you three!
    One day, if I’m very lucky, I’ll have the chance to share with you the story of how I met your father. I think you’ll like it.
    Until then, I send you and your sisters my very best wishes. The love of all the men and women who knew Rami is with you, wherever you go.
    I’m honoured that you took the time to write here today.
    Bless you all.


  1. Ronnie Armstrong says

    I met Rami about 7 years ago in his London Offices assisting him with some property. Rami treated me, a stranger, with warmth and respect. I had occasion some years later to ask if he was interested in a project I was working on, once again, he showed respect, genuine care and interest. I only found out the sad news this evening because, once more I considered approaching him. What a nice man and such a sad loss at such a young age. I send particular sympathy to his family.

  2. Vishwanath says

    It was really inspiring how Rami Makhzoumi had progressed thousands of employees in FPI towards success and commitment even in the times of crisis.

    I recently joined in one of the partner companies of FPI in India. Even though I had never saw him in my entire life, I just went through some of his videos as well as his history and I wish I had him the next cabin which would be really inspirational. I would like to call him my elder brother, even though i am from a different religion.

    It is true that God will take away good and talented persons at a young age and he is one of such examples.Really miss him. But I am sure to contribute something towards the growth of company, and start off where he had left.

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